Pedigree is everything

  • 28th May 2019
  • news

Now in their 13th year of producing digital Cat C products, Electrocoin continues to build on its reputation for supplying quality products to the AGC and Bingo sectors.

The company has built its range of content from a solid base of proven analogue games featuring the Bar X brand, however their more recent content has proved that they can attract a much wider player base than the loyal Bar X brigade, as Kevin Weir explains, ‘We took the view that we needed to grow our portfolio using unique content. There are many games in the market place that appear similar to something else, however, we have consciously not followed this route as our customers tell us that are looking for variety to offer to their players.’

Electrocoin now have two branded game packages, Monte Carlo which has been established for a couple of years and the newly launched Casino Hi Roller.

There is clearly a difference in presentation but there is also a difference in the players experience as Weir explains, ‘Monte Carlo has been very successful across all sectors of the Cat C market and now features 20 games in its portfolio with three more games being added shortly, including the stunning Tombs Of Gold.

However, our player research indicated that there was demand for an alternative profile of player experience in the AGC and Bingo market. As a result, we re-profiled our content and added a new gamble feature, but removed the Monte Carlo Strip.

The net result being that players experience the same games but with a different ‘feel’ to the outcome and the response to Casino Hi Roller has been excellent.’

The Monte Carlo/ Casino Hi Roller package of games is available in the all steel Elektra cabinet as well as a conversion option, using the Eclipse cabinet.

Both appear to be proving popular Weir comment: ‘The presence created by the new Elektra cabinet caused quite a stir and has proven popular across all types of venue, however the interest in the Gemstar conversion in the Eclipse cabinet has proven very popular with operators from all sectors who can extend the life of their old analogue product. The game content is the same in both cabinets and all are available with a TITO option.’

It appears that building on a proven solid base of games and providing unique content has been insightful for a company that has a long established pedigree within the Cat C sector.

Electrocoin will be showing the full range of Monte Carlo and Casino Hi Roller Cat C product at the Park Avenue Open Day on June 5th.

Coinslot – May 17th – May 23rd – Issue 2629 – Page 30