Konami’s new dance revolution making the moves

  • 26th October 2017
  • News

Konami’s new dance revolution making the moves.

One of the major talking points on the ACOS show floor last week was what will soon be hitting the arcade ‘dance floor’ in the coming months. To say that Konami’s DDRA is eagerly awaited would be an understatement, according to industry veteran John Stergides.
The Electrocoin founder confirmed: “It has been well over 7 years since the last Dance Dance Revolution hit our shores with DDRX2’. Its successor DDRA on our booth at ACOS last week made quite a stir!”
The brand new version of this famous game will be available in a new ‘stunning new white cabinet’ and will have a more sensitive and efficient dance floor. Stergides added: “With its wide portfolio of music which includes previous DDR libraries and new popular tunes from the likes of Pharrels ‘ Happy’, Ariadne Grande ‘ Break Free’, ‘DDRA will provide a much needed upgrade and impetus into the dance video market for FECs.”
With full production now underway, some of the UK’s biggest FEC Operators are already booking production slots in anticipation of its arrival. The product is scheduled to be available from February/ March 2018, and it is understood that advance orders will be given priority.