Irish Gaming Show crowds offer a “great reaction” to the Electrocoin showcase

  • 15th March 2024
  • News

There was “something for each operator” on Electrocoin’s Irish Show stand this year, with many of its most popular products being played continuously. With regulatory changes also afoot, sales and marketing manager John A Stergides told Coinslot “we expect to see the leisure market open up.”

Electrocoin brought “something for each operator that grabbed their attention” to IGS this year, with many of the supplier’s products – such as the Avengers Pinball – being played “continuously” through the duration of the show.

Though the amusement sector may play second fiddle to the gaming sector in the Irish market, sales and marketing manager John A Stergides revealed that the company’s products enjoyed a “great reaction” from attendees.

“Overall it was a positive show although there was a lot of focus around the gaming element which supersedes the amusement sector in Ireland,” said Stergides. “There was a meeting on the first day indicating possible changes in the gambling laws, which could benefit the leisure sector.”

“However it was a great opportunity to catch up with operators to see how the previous year performed and their expectations for the year ahead.”

With a full range of products on display, there was “a great reaction” to Electrocoin’s crowd-pleasing selection of new and proven titles.

“Whether it was the Skill Shooter, Mr Do Space Rocks, Avengers Pinball (continuously being played), Rocket Launch, Magic 7 Key, Prize Catcher or the new Spinning Cyclone, there was something for each operator that grabbed their attention.”

With the Irish market poised on the cusp of change, Stergides added that should regulations hold, “we expect to see the leisure market open up.”

“Just as in the UK, when the FOBT had their stake restricted to £2, coincidentally this led to more money being shared across the leisure area that has led to increased entertainment centres, general leisure activities on the high street as a result. So it can have a positive impact.”

“The Irish market is an important market, especially being on our doorstep – it would be great if they could remove the customs forms and requirements and go back to how it was, as it would save time and money for everyone involved in the process.”

Irish Show 2024 Review was published in the below edition of Coinslot

Coinslot – March 15th – March 21st 2024 – Issue 2879 – Page 8