Aftersales team launches new refurbishment programme

  • 15th June 2021
  • News

Electrocoin’s Cardiff-based Aftersales team has launched a new refurbishment service, allowing operators to significantly increase the longevity of popular legacy machines.

Responding to the longevity and “undisputed success” of Electrocoin favourites such as the Bar X brand, the supplier’s Aftersales team has launched a new refurbishment programme to help operators extend the life of legacy machines.

Operating from the firm’s Cardiff workshop, the programme provides a dedicated assessment and refurbishment service to machine owners, as well as offering a range of fully-refurbished machines for sale.

“There is no doubt that the ‘magic formula’ developed by Electrocoin in these £25/30p games, still has a huge following,” said Electrocoins John A Stergides.

“As a result of customer demand, we have put together a full refurbishment programme using only genuine parts whilst also selling refurbished legacy machines.”

The refurbishment process includes replacing surplus mains lighting with LEDs – reducing consumption cost in standby mode by 65 percent – re-pinning and plugging power supply and coin mech connectors, refurbishing coin mechs and reels, as well as providing new reel bands, buttons, legends and glass.

A refurbishment of power supply and MPU boards are also included, with Electrocoin also able to fit new plinths if required by the customer.

In addition to Bar X 7even, other casino cabinet models including Magic 10 and Magic 7 can also be refurbished, along with the sitdown versions.

“We have a very experienced team in place in Cardiff who are always willing to give advice on current and older products,” concluded Stergides.

“Whilst a great deal of enquiries are Cat C related, we get demand for parts for a wide range of products including the new Skill Cut Winner and Drop a Winner games that are proving to be so successful.”


Coinslot – May 21st – May 27th  2021 – Issue 2734 – Page 7