Dance Dance Revolution – Konami

  • 19th October 2017
  • News

Seen for the first time on the Electrocoin stand at last week’s ACOS show – the latest instalment in the Konami classic DDR range of dancing games which are currently in production and will arrive in the UK for Spring 2018. Featuring new songs including Zedd/Selena Gomez and I Want You To Know, Pharrell Williams and Happy and Ariana Grande/Zedd and Break Free. The brand new unit design has a white cabinet and a 42inch bigger screen  than previous models. A ‘tutorial mode’ has been added for first time players.

Premium play will allow:

•All Stages Play Guarantee

Even if a player scores FAILED before the FINAL STAGE, Premium Play guarantees players to play all the stages without being GAME OVER.


By accomplishing to fulfill the final score conditions, players will be able to play one more round of EXTRA STAGE after the FINAL STAGE.


An event players can participate while playing EXTRA STAGE. A new music will unlock.


An event players can participate while playing EXTRA STAGE. A  CHALLENGE LEVEL music will appear.

e-Amusement SITE will allow:

  • Overall Status Review
  • Rival Lists / Rival Searches
  • Dancer Settings / Workout Settings / Character Settings